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Established in July 2016 in Chifeng city, Inner Mongolia by SinoUnison Technology Co., Ltd. (SUT), Inner Mongolia Zhongpu Anxin Testing Co., Ltd. focuses on tests in the area of quality and safety of food and agricultural products in northwest China. It is one of the few third-party testing institutions in Inner Mongolia concentrating on animal sources and crops’ GM detection. It mainly provides services to enterprises and government departments for animal source testing, crops’ GM screening, chemical analysis service, agricultural/animal residues detection analysis, heavy metal detection analysis, food additives detection analysis, biology toxin test analysis, sensory quality test, nutrition label, microbiological project test, PCR test, etc. 

It is a large comprehensive laboratory with a total area of thousands of square meters. It has GC/MS room, HPLC/MS room, regular physical and chemical room, metal element room, microbiology room and PCR laboratory. It can effectively meet the requirements of the government and customers with a sampling technical team and vehicles, professional sample storage facilities, room temperature and refrigerated sample storage and archive room. 

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