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Established on May 6, 2013, Truth Testing Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. is a well-known third-party quality inspection institution in Tianjin. At present, it is qualified for testing food raw materials, physicochemical indexes in food, microorganisms, food contact materials, drinking water, pesticide residues, limit amount of pollutants, vitamins, food additives, radioactive materials, illegal additives, cosmetics, health products and etc. 

The first phase of the laboratory is located in Building 30, Taida High-tech Industrial Park, No. 156, Nanhai Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone. The second phase is located in Plant No.2, No.129, Haibin 10th Road, Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, which is the metrological calibration department. It has a total area of 2,500 square meters. The food laboratory consists of physicochemical laboratory, spectrum laboratory, chromatography laboratory, mass spectrometry laboratory, small instrument room, microorganism room, electric heating room, digestion room, gas bottle room, sample room and business room. 

The total investment is over 17 million RMB with over 13 million RMB for food laboratory. The food laboratory is equipped with 187 sets of instruments including HPLC-MS/MS, GC-MS, LC, GC, atomic absorption, atomic fluorescence, atomic fluorescence-tandem liquid chromatograph, radioactive element meter, mercury analyzer, fluorescence spectrophotometer, ion chromatography and GPC.

Our company has the vehicles and on-board refrigeration equipment required for the sampling, as well as the large and small instruments, office equipment required for data summarization, data transmission and results reporting, and personnel match with laboratory capacity. With complete inspection system and standardized management system, it is able to independently and excellently complete sampling, inspection, data collection, data submission and other work. 

It attaches great importance to improving capabilities. From 2014 to 2016, the food laboratory has completed the capability verification of 28 parameters, blind sample assessment organized by 15 parameters related countries’ food and drug administration, 40 of which are satisfactory. Personnel training are carried out in accordance with the actual requirements. The supervisor can supervise the personnel on time according to the regulations, and the laboratory keeps maintaining its inspection ability.

The food department has an experienced team, some of whom have worked in the national and provincial departments in sampling inspection in the fields of production, circulation and catering, and some of whom have been responsible for compiling, writing, demonstration and inspection of in the national, industrial, local, enterprise standards. Since the establishment of the food laboratory, it has undertaken a large number of inspections commissioned by government departments. It is generally well received by government departments relying on completing the task on time, standardizing sampling and accurate results. 

In 2014, two patents were issued by National Copyright Administration of the People’s Republic of China, namely, Food Detection Software V1.0 Based on Near-infrared Spectroscopy and rapid Detection System of Total Bacterial Colony. Our company was identified as a small and medium-sized technology enterprise in August 2014. It was recognized as a Tianjin high-tech enterprise in February 2015 and a national high-tech enterprise in December 2015.

In 2014, 2015 and 2016, nearly 10,000 tests were completed for national sampling, municipal circulation, municipal catering, district and county circulation and catering. Nearly 4000 batches of national supervision, inspection and risk monitoring, provincial supervision and risk supervision in 2017 is being carried out. Inspection work did not appear complaint and quality problem. 

The laboratory has a good inspection environment, advanced inspection equipment and abundant human resources, as well as excellent inspection technology and strict quality management system. It has established an effective supervision mechanism, effectively ensuring the testing laboratory is scientific, fair, accurate and efficient. 

Our company can return the sample to the laboratory on the same day after sampling so as to guarantee that the sample will not be changed. 

Its environment, equipment, personnel capacity, laboratory management and other conditions meets the requirements for food sampling testing of Tianjin Hebei District Market and Quality Supervision Administration.

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