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Founded in June 2006, Qingdao J&C Testing Technology Service Co., Ltd. is one of the earlier third-party testing institutions in China focusing on product safety and quality testing of food and agriculture products with independent legal qualification. It specializes in all kinds of food and agricultural products inspection. It provides professional technical services and support for food safety supervision and management to the government and food industry. It strives to contribute to the overall improvement of China's food safety level.

After more than 10-year efforts, its business covers various governmental food safety and risk assessment sampling inspections, food safety management and testing of domestic food production industry, food safety testing of export food and agricultural products enterprises, etc. At the end of 2016, its testing capacity has covered the pesticide residues, contents of metals and elements, physical and chemical items, veterinary drug residues, food additives, toxic and harmful substances, food microorganisms, food tableware of 31 categories of food and food-related products relating to over 800 products with a total of over 40,000 parameters. It has gained great achievements in the industry.

Adhering to technology research and development, it has completed the research and development of hundreds of new projects, and the transformation of multiple achievements. It is the secretary-general unit of Qingdao Peanut Import & Export Association and the sponsor of Qingdao Service Outsourcing Industry Association. It has a good reputation and influence in the relevant industry.

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