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Founded in April 2010, Jiangsu Sinography Testing Co., Ltd. (SUT) is the first private third-party testing institution in Jiangsu province. SUT, recognized by the government as a High-tech enterprise, possesses outstanding ability of qualitative and quantitative detection of known and unknown chemicals in complex matrix such as food, health products, drugs and body fluids. Beside, SUT is the deputy chief supervisor of the bee products branch of China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native Produce and the council member of Jiangsu Association for Instrumental Analysis and Jiangsu Apicultural Association. SUT constantly offers professional, fast and accurate testing service for government departments, domestic and foreign enterprises.

At the beginning, SUT was dedicated to providing testing technology services in the quality control of food import and export enterprises. In 2014, SUT started to offer impurities preparation and OECD GLP analysis and testing services to the import and export enterprises of pesticide production. In recent years, with the opening of the domestic market, depending on years of accumulated technical capabilities and qualifications in line with international standards, SUT has rapidly entered the domestic food safety testing field, and won bids of testing projects including supervision and monitoring, risk monitoring and emergency sampling of food safety in the production, circulation, catering and other relevant fields from food and drug administration departments in many provinces and cities. At the same time, SUT undertakes the task of sampling inspection of agricultural products and analysis of habitat environment from the competent agricultural authorities at all levels. SUT participates in scientific researches related to food safety and hazardous substances in Chinese traditional medicine. Besides, SUT assists relevant departments in water quality safety testing for drinking water. Meanwhile, SUT is long-term partner of many domestic large food and drug groups. 

SUT aims of providing one-stop testing services and green solutions for customers in all fields. SUT offers natural and foreign toxic and hazardous substances testing services, physical and chemical items testing services for nutrition ingredients, nutrition labels, microorganism, pesticide residues, animal residues, additives and non-edible materials, heavy metals, etc. on foods, agricultural products, medicines, health care products, pet food, feed, fertilizer, food contact materials, drinking water, etc.

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