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Propolis is a kind of sticky substance formed by resin honey bees produce after gathering specific plant, mixing with beeswax and glandular secretions is coated on the inner wall of the beehive. Chinese propolis is poplar tree gum type propolis. At present, the most common propolis adulteration in domestic market is to simulate to be propolis by extracting poplar bud gum with similar color, appearance and taste, basically similar to chemical composition but cheap and with poor physiological activity, or adding poplar tree gum in the propolis, or adding flavone to increase the content of total flavonoids in propolis products.

New propolis identification technology

NMR Fingerprint Spectra Method is able to provide all components of NMR information in molecular level. The difference between true and fake propolis can present different NMR information. Based on the principle, SUT has analyzed a large number of NMR fingerprint spectra propolis sample and can accurately identify the authenticity of poplar tree type propolis products in China, which has overcomed the problem that standardization and chemical characterization of propolis extracts by current chromatographic technique is time-consuming and laborious, with complex lab operation, incomplete spectra results, and relatively high economic cost.


Conventional Testing

Total Flavonoids

Heavy Metal

Pesticide Residue


Dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane (DDT)

Adulteration Testing

Salicin and Catechol Method

Poplar Tree Gum Characteristic Irons Method

Propolis Liquid Chromatographic Fingerprint Method

NMR Fingerprint Spectra Method


- Apparatus with high precise, easy operation;

- Flexible test condition and high designable procedure parameter;

- Small amount of sample required, simple pretreatment, nondestructive testing

- Fast testing analysis, good repeatability of the result

- Comprehensive chromatographic information, against adulteration

- Less consumption of organic solvent and less environmental pollution.

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