Food & Agricultural Products

Identification of animal ingredient in food

Porcine、Bovine、Ovine (Goat,Sheep)、Horse、Donkey、Rabbit、Poultry、Fish


Detection of allergen components in food

peanut component、cashew components、pistachio components、walnut components、carrot components、hazelnut components、almond components、shrimp & crab components、gluten components、sesame components、wheat components、fish components、celery components、buckwheat components、soybean components

Detection of GMO components in food

Soybean and its products--Qualitative (CaMV 35S, NOS, Cp4-EPSPS)

Rice and its products--Qualitative (CaMV 35S, NOS, Bt)

Rapeseed-- Qualitative (CaMV 35S, NOS, FMV 35S, NPTⅡ)

Cotton-- Qualitative  (CaMV 35S, NOS, NPTⅡ)

Corn-- Qualitative  (CaMV 35S, NOS, NPTⅡ, PAT, BAR)

Corn, Soybean, Rapeseed, Potato, Tomato, Cotton, Rice, Wheat and its product-- Qualitative (CaMV 35S, NOS, FMV 35S, EPSPS, PAT, BAR, CryIA (b),  CryIA (b/c))

Wheat-- Qualitative (NOS, ubiquitin, BAR)

Condiments Qualitative(CaMV 35S, NOS, FMV 35S, NPTⅡ, EPSPS, PAT, BAR)

Potato-- Qualitative(CaMV 35S, NOS, FMV 35S, NPTⅡ)

Tomato-- Qualitative (CaMV 35S, NOS, NPTⅡ)

Papaya--  Qualitative (CaMV 35S, NOS, NPTⅡ)

Edible Fungi


Bacteria/Fungi Identification

Identification of unknown bacteria

Identification of unknown fungi


(EMP)/ Environmental Monitoring Program (EMP)

Food hygiene sampling plan



Yeasts+ Moulds



Shelf life evaluation

Shelf life evaluation design

Infant formula and food

Foods for Special Medical Purpose (FSMP)

Moisture, Ash, Protein、whey protein、fat、fatty acid、lactose、sucrose、insoluble dietary fiber、non-fat milk solid、Trans-fatty acid、

Vitamins A、D、C、E、K1、B1、B2、B6、B12、Niacin、Nicotinamide、Folic acid、Pantothenic acid、Biotin、Choline、Inositol、Taurine、Carotene、Nucleotide、L-carnitine

Calsium、Iron、Zinc、Sodium、Potassium、Magnasium、Copper、Manganese、Phosphorus、Iodine, Seleniu、Chloride


Acidity、Solubility、Impurities、Freezing point、Urease、Nitrite、Nitrate、B1, B2, M1, M2/ Aflatoxin B1, B2, M1, M2

Food labeling design and audit、

Nutrition labeling for Pre-packaged foods、

Pre-packaged foods for special dietary uses(FSDU)


Labelling design

Labelling design of pre-packaged food

Labelling design for food nutrition

Labeling design for FSDU (foods for special dietary uses)

Labelling design for Agriculture products (feeds & fresh food)

Training service for relevant labeling regulation

Testing service for labeling related index

Food authenticity & traceability

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