The R&D center set up in Nanjing has professional and experienced personnel, 6 of whom have Ph.D degree. So far SUT has been certified by CNAS, CMAF, CATL and GLP issued by OECD and has more than 300 employees in its lab-network of  Jiangsu, Shandong, Zhejiang, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, and Shanghai. SUT is one of the few domestic organizations qualified in registration testing for export pesticides and also has the leading testing technique and market share in global honey and peanut supply chain management.

JSST GLP Test Facility was founded in May, 2013 and received the OECD GLP certificate issued by Germany BfR in November, 2014. We can conduct  physical and chmeical properties studyies and 5-batch analysis of pesticide in compliance with  OECD GLP Principles.

Chemical Analysis

5-batch analysis: 

active ingredient, significant impurities ≥ 0.1% (0.06%), relevant impurities

Analytical method development and validation

Metal residues determination: Na, K, Ca, Zn, Pd, Cd, Hg, Pb, etc.

Harmful element determination: As Inorganic anion residues determination: SO42-,CI-, NO3-

Stability Experiment

Stability at elevated temperature (54℃, 45℃, etc.)

Stability at low temperature (0℃, freezing/thawing)

Stability at normal temperature

Stability to metals and metallic ions

Stability to light

Physical and Chemical

Property determination

IEPA OPPTS 830 series

OECD 100 series

EEC A series

CIAPC MT series

China MoA NY/ T 1860 series


Pesticide impurity qualitative and quantitative

Pharmaceutical impurity qualitative and quantitative

Industrial chemical impurity qualitative and quantitative

Impurity standard synthesis and preparation


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